Most fashionable Sneakers ever? (by Elena)

Welcome (back) to our blog! We just moved our blog from to and also transferred the domain to another hosting service. This process took a while, but we are finished and ready to share a ton of new things with you in our upcoming blog posts. Anyway! Let us just forget about that […]

What’s in my Gym bag? (by Jassy)

Hey loves 🌸 Who else is addicted to exercise? After work, I head to the gym four times a week even though it’s quite hard for me to visit the gym afterward ’cause I’m usually exhausted after work. You always have to stay motivated and try not to make some excuses e.g. ‘i’m tired’, ‘packed gym […]

How to make your own distressed DIY jeans jacket (by Jassy)

Hello Guys 🎈 I love the distressed/ripped jeans style. They’re so in right now and you can combine them in many different styles (e.g.: “chic” with some mid-high heels or “cool” with some cheeky sneakers). Purchasing distressed/ripped jeans jackets from the store can get very pricey. That’s why I decided to share my own DIY […]

Gifts from Australia – Haul (by Jassy)

Hello lovely Readers ♥ My dad has been in Australia for vacation to visit his uncles and my little brother, who participates in a work and travel program. So, I’m showing you guys now what I’ve got from my family… At first, a Thomas Sabo bracelet with the first letter of my Name. The first […]

January Winter Haul & Review (by Elena)

Hey guys ♥ Today I decided to share with you some pictures of all the nice things I bought last month. The majority of these items are in the color pink because I recently realized that that my overflowing wardrobe is deperately in need of some pink and blush colored garments. Moreover, I’ve been so […]