DIY deep conditioning hair mask

Hello Beautys, Do you have dry hair, itchy and flaky scalp? I had the same problems before I used my own DIY hair mask. For the recipe you need: native olive oil native coconut oil and argan oil Please make sure to buy native coconut and olive oil without artificial additives. For the hair mask, […]

My Summer Beauty Favorites 2017 (by Jassy)

Hello beautys, today I’m going to share with you all my beauty favorites for 2017. Let’s start with my actual two favorite body lotions from bilou and Victoria’s Secret. It’s so important for me to lotion my body every day after showering, because I tend to have really dry skin. You can also avoid some […]

Chrome Nails – DIY (by Elena)

Hi and welcome (back)! A few weeks ago, I published a blog entry that was all about strengthening and fixing nails. This time I will introduce and explain some DIY techniques that will make your nails look like you spend some money at the nail salon. Have you ever considered going to a nail salon […]

What’s in my Gym bag? (by Jassy)

Hey loves 🌸 Who else is addicted to exercise? After work, I head to the gym four times a week even though it’s quite hard for me to visit the gym afterward ’cause I’m usually exhausted after work. You always have to stay motivated and try not to make some excuses e.g. ‘i’m tired’, ‘packed gym […]

Get ready to Glow! 3 of the MOST INTENSE Highlighters EVER! (by Elena)

Welcome (back) ♥ Today we are diving into the universe of highlighters because, well… why not? There is no reason not to talk about highlighters. In the following, I will ILLUMINATE (Huh! What a great reference!) the reasons: You have probably noticed that highlighting aka. strobing is having a major moment right now ( OK… since […]

DIY – fixing broken nails & how to prevent them from breaking (by Elena)

Hi loves ! I hope you’re all doing fine. Today I will talk about NAILS! Nails are nothing more than dead cells and that is why they cannot repair themselves. I get compliments on my nails quite often and was even asked a few times about nail salons. The funny thing is that these are my natural […]

La RĂ´se Blush Poudrer – Review (by Elena)

Hey guys ! I am very pleased that you have found your way to our website. So, today I will review the probably most stunning looking product that I’ve ever seen, the LancĂ´me Paris La RĂ´se Blush Poudrer aka the highlighter that looks like a rose and that you’ve probably seen all over  Instagram and Pinterest. After […]