About Us

♕ About Elena:

Who am I ? A law and medical psychology student, shopaholic, photo model, former cheerleader, macaron lover, simply a girl who gets easily affected by anything luxurious, glamorous and unique. I prefer wearing fashionable clothes and high heels for any occasion and love fresh peonies, roses and every Audrey Hepburn movie ever made. Among my favorite activities are reading (english literature), yoga, acting and traveling. To be happy, I need to visit my home countries, enjoy the sunshine and relax by the sea. My nicknames are angel, queen, kitten…unicorn. I love unicorns…and candy! It doesn’t even matter what kind of candy, but I am obsessed with cotton candy, rose flavoured turkish delights and marshmallows.

Fun facts: On the one hand, I have a thing for Horror-Movies and creepy stuff, but on the other hand, I also like Disney-Movies and everything Barbie-related. I don’t really believe the predictions made in horoscopes, but read them quite often just for fun because I am happy to be a leo (lions are dope). I own turtles, call them ninjas and play with the idea of adopting a kitten.

You can contact me in the following languages: English, Turkish, Bulgarian, German. (I am working on my Italian :D)

gifs About Jassy:

Here is a little bit about myself…

You can call me Jassy. I’m 21 years old and doing my apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration.  I know, it sounds very nerdy lol but I’m definitely not.

Many projects are being planned, so follow our page (if you are interested in..) to be up to date 🙂

If you should have any questions, you can also contact me in Englisch, German and Spanish.